Can i Setup a report to generate every day at a certain time


I want to know how to setup , to generate a report of the tags selected on a daily basis with the ewon. So i would like to have a text file report emailed to me generated at a specific time every day

is that possible ?


Hi @Neels,

Can you take a look at this doc for sending out emails along with the section in the BASIC code that includes the EBD generator?

Sending Emails with a Flexy.docx (433.3 KB)


Thank you Tim.

Could you imdicate on the following script which is the tags names specified ?


Hi Neels,

In the second line of $EmailBody$ the example Digital_Example@ is calling a tag so that it’s current value will be in the message of the email. The same is true for the tag below. The attachement that includes historical data can be customized by going to that EBD website

Thank you Tim

I will try it and let you know. Do i Understand this correct, this is the coding for the EBD? or is the EBD separate ?

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The $EmailAttachment$ = “&[$dtUF $fnSomeIntegerReport.txt]” section is the part that corresponds to the EBD. It might be easier for you to go through and do this with the task planner instead of this BASIC code though.

Hi Tim

Thank you. I will give it a shot. Please check the following code. I created a bit called Email_Bit instead of the Email_Example that you use in the word document. The Bit did change state from 0 to 1 but did not send an email . Is the coding wrong ? And please check my tags i did not put the adress of it i just added the name as it is called at my values section. This is the tag name that was set up.



There is an if statement near the end of the code that is looking for the tag called Email_example, you’ll want to replace that with the tag you made called Email_Bit. You’ll probably also want to change the email attachment from $dtUF to $dtHL

Thank you Tim . will do

Hi Tim

Thanks it is Working. I will try the other one you sent also. Thanks

Hi Tim

Do i need to change something when i want to change the name instead of saying Value of first tag as the picture show to something else Like Pump ? Is it saved in your Data base as first tag value ?


Hi Neels,

Can you give me a call at 312-893-5636 when you’re available and ask for Tim? I think we might be able to walk through this easier over the phone.


Hi Tim

Thank you for your email. Thanks for making yourself available. I dont think a call is necessary, i have got the mails working and wording all sorted thank you. I have also tried your kb task planner method . Looks good.

Thank you for all your help you really helped me a lot

You’re welcome!

Let me know if you have more questions on this


Hi Tim

Thanks . Please have a look at the CSV file that was generated


and when i open the file is shows me this ? says the data might be lost but it might be that my scripting is wrong or something

Id like to display a graph if possible

Do you already have your tags setup to historically log?

Hi Tim , no not the specific tag , Thanks i will log it every 30 sec and see what it does

Thank you

Ok thanks, let me know if that works for you

Hi Tim

Apologies to bug you again . See attached . This is my settings for this tag but i still get no graph or data in the CSV file

Can I take a look at this over teamviewer with you?