Can I update an eWON .tar file for use on an SD card?

I am trying to change a few parameters in a backup that I use on all of my units configured by SD card. Is there an easy way to do this?

Do I need to manually extract the files?

If I need to extract the files how can I actually update them to use on the SD card again?


You can absolutely do this and to that point you actually have a few different ways you can approach it. Below you will find the easiest way to update an entire backup without the need to create custom files.

Updating .TAR File

This allows you to easily update a backup but it does require a third-party software tool called 7-Zip. 7-Zip is one of the most widely used archiving tools out there today. By using 7-Zip we can actually enter the .tar file, update an entry (text file) and when we close the text file 7-Zip can actually update the archive for us!
  1. Download & Install 7-Zip

  2. Locate your backup.tar file and right-click it selecting Open With → 7-Zip.


Now that we have the archive loaded we can actually update it. To update the eWON LAN IP we will first start with the COMCFG.txt file.

  1. Double-click the comcfg.txt file. It should load into Notepad (or whatever text editor you use).

  2. As I am updating the LAN IP I am going to update the field labeled EthIp though you can really update any field you would like. Here I will change the value from to

  1. Now when you close this file (after saving) you will be shown a prompt asking if you would like to update the file in the archive, select Ok.

That is it! You can repeat this for any other files you need to update. Upon completion you will have a tar file with the updated parameters that you needed.