Can i use a email to SMS using European service providers

Good day

I see that there is plenty of options with regards to setting up a email to sms in the US. How does it work with European countries ? can i also set up for example a email to sms using a UK service provider ? Or what cam i do ?


Unfortunately we don’t have any info on international carriers, but do you know what providers your European colleagues are using? The provider might support free email to sms messages, but I don’t think it’s as common as in the U.S.

Thanks Tim

Can you send me the sms setup guide and what the prices are for sending emails ? Can you also tell me which account gets debited for sending sms?


Hi Neels,

See section 5 of this document for sending SMS through our device:

The account that will get debited will be the account that the eWON is registered to