CAN @ Net ! CAN to TCP/IP Gateway


Hello- I had two CAN@Net II gateway setup as CAN Bridge to receive/transmit all CAN Messages between the two CAN networks that each device was installed on. I had everything working beautifully however the end user in Chile damaged the ethernet cable and claimed to have damaged one of the gateways. Sent him two more converters with identical configuration file loaded into the units before they shipped. Customer installed the new devices and now the units do not work. Have solid green power LED, status LED is flashing and the CAN1 and CAN2 LEDs are both off and never light up. Trying to understand what that means, is the CAN network OK and just no CAN traffic being received by the gateway or is there something else. I should be looking at. CAN network looks good and other devices are functioning properly .


So the two units won’t work with identical config files if used together because one needs to be configured as the server and one as the client.