CAN@Net II huge log files

Dear HMS team,

While using the CAN@Net II interface we got huge files in the System32 folder.

It reaches 70 GB.

Is there anyway to limit the size of the log or deactivate it completely?

Thanks in advance for your help

As an example find a file attached.Cn2CmdSocket_0000000000CD0080.log (1.1 MB)

I don’t understand how this could be related to the CAN@Net II device which is a hardware device, not Windows software. What software is creating these logs? I would recommend that you look into that.

Sure. It is IXXAT VCI

That is a driver. It would not be creating that log file. What is the software that is using it?

What is the full path in \Windows\System32\ … ?

Hi @danielbarmaimon,

Can you tell me what software is using the VCI driver?