CAN@net II/VCI - Siemens S7-1500


New to the forum and looking for a bit of guidance if at all possible.

I currently have a Siemens S7-1500 PLC as well as the CAN @net II/VCI module. I am looking at trying to incorporate this module into my PLC project to try and control engine and transmission operation through J1939. It seems the only documentation I am able to find is how to configure the IP address of the CAN module itself. Beyond that I am completely at a loss or maybe just looking in the wrong direction. I would be greatly appreciative if someone can point me in the right direction!!

Sorry about that. You can find the documentation here.

Keep in mind that the CAN@net II/VCI is a legacy product, not recommended for new projects. It has been replaced by the CAN@net NT series.

Much appreciated. I understand it is not recommended for new projects. It’s just what I am currently “stuck” with.

I understand. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Is there any possible GSD file for this module to import into TIA Portal?

GSD files are for Profibus/Profinet devices so there is no GSD file.

You would want the CM CANopen for that.