CAN@net NT 420 - Port Number of CAN Ports




I want to test my Can@net NT 420 by sending UDP packages from my PC and I intend to observe these messages on the canAnalyser mini 3. The device and the CAN ports can be seen in the device list of the canAnalyser mini 3. However, I cannot see the received messages.
Also, how can I find the port numbers of the CAN ports and configurate them?

By the way, CAN leds of the CAN@net NT 420 and USBtoCANV2 does not blink.

Can@net NT 420 is connected to the PC by ethernet cable and USBtoCANV2.



Make sure you have properly installed the VCI driver:

I am not sure what you mean by this. Can you explain?




Are these the ports you are looking for?