Can not download to CM CANopen



hello everyone
I recently purchased a CM CANopen module. I connected it to my s7-1200 PLC and now its diagnose LED is on. I created a configuration file by CM CANopen configuration software, but when I want to download it to the module by USB cable, I get a download error (The download failed Error: Connection timed out on read).
module is recognized by computer management and I can see it under Ports (COM & LPT ) category.
What is the problem and how I can solve it. I’m in a big trouble, so any help would be appreciated.

Can not download CMCDC file to cm-canopen module




I see that you are not located in the United States, where this support forum is run out of. I would suggest you reach out though this will get you in touch with your local Technical Services support team.

There are several reasons for a timeout connection. The Hardware might not be configured correctly in TIA Portal.
Check the following settings:
Node number: must be 127
Operating mode: must be CANopen Manager
CANopen Manager auto configuration: must not be enabled



Thank you deryck. You are right, I set the hardware as you suggested and the problem is solved.


Thanks for following up glad to hear it is working?