Can not register on AC Cloud

Can’t get smartphone to recognize the WIFI device.

Can you please elaborate on your error? What do you mean by not recognized? Does the SSID show up as an option to connect to?

Has it previously been configured?

What is the LED doing? Can you describe the flashing pattern?

Will this WiFi allow me to control the temperature while I am away from the house?

Wifi device is NOT flashing

I think I got the Wi-Fi connected to my phone. But, I can not login in. Can you please reset my account form your side


Please remember you are posting to a public forum when sharing login info.
I tried to send a password reset for that account but it has not been verified yet. Please check your email inbox for a messages to verify the account.

What color is the LED on the device?

I spoke with Tim. We are resetting the username and password logins.