Can ping PLC (CompactLogix), but cannot connect via Studio 5000


Flexy 205 installed.
As the title says, I can connect to the VPN through eCatcher just fine.
I can ping every device on the local side of the eWon just fine.
I can access the eWon Flexy webpage ONLY when I specify port 81 in the web browser (didn’t have to do this last week).

However I cannot access the web interface for the PLC (port 80) or connect to it through RSLinx (port 44818, I believe).
We tried this on two different VPN users, two different PC’s, and two different RSLinx installations.
Whatever happened, happened in the last week or two.

Any thoughts?

It sounds like something else is using port 80. Do you have any proxy or port forwarding settings in the Flexy? Can you please provide a backup created with eCatcher with “Include Support Files” checked?

Thank you for the direction.

Not sure who or when but someone added a VPN protection for Port 81 in there. Took it out, reboot, and back in business. Thank you!

Great - thanks for the update!