CAN to Ethernet/IP - Atlas Copco Air Dryer BD 185+ (Elektronikon)

Is anyone familiar with reading CAN data from an Atlas Copco Elektronikon PPBE0613 (SN 1713A01262) using an Anybus AB7318 CAN to Ethernet/IP?

You are going to need the documentation from Atlas Copco for the Elektronikon.

You can find documentation for the AB7318 here, but this device is just translating the data from the CAN network to the Eth/IP network. Has it already been configured or are you trying to configure it now?

2946 1798 00 User manual for Elektronikon® Graphic controller .pdf (3.0 MB) XXXX XXXX XX_CAN Manual ed01.pdf (1.5 MB) Here are the manuals that Atlas Copco provided me. I have tried an Anybus configuration but I keep getting a CAN error passive. My guess is that the CAN network is not working. All I need to do is read data from the elektronikon controller. I do not need to write any values to this controller. If there is a way that I can read this data then I will pull it into my Controllogix PLC. I’ve attached the configuration that I built as well.Anybus Gateway Configuration WTP Atlas Copco Air Dryer.hcg (3.2 KB)

Thank you for that. I have a few questions:

  1. What exactly is the error that you are getting? Can you take a screenshot?

  2. Do you have a USB-to-CAN adapter to connect your PC to the CAN bus?

  3. Have you checked the CAN bus to make sure you have the correct voltage? Are the ends terminated (see section 7.4 in the AC CAN manual)?

  4. What are the statuses of the LEDs on the Communicator?

  5. Does the bitrate match among all CAN devices (Atlas Copco default is 125 kbps)? Is it just the one compressor and the Anybus on the bus?



Thank you. I will check all of the things you’ve said. I can answer a couple of your questions right away though. This one air dryer will be the only thing that I wish to communicate with, it will be tied directly to the anybus, there will be no other nodes on this network. Because of this I was a little confused as to how the CAN cabling should be done. Do I still need terminating resistors with a single node on the network? I will have to hook up to the anybus, which I cannot do at this exact moment, to answer the rest of your questions. Thanks again.

image I also noticed that it looks as if the pin out that Atlas specifies differs from what the anybus pin out is so I made sure to cross over terminals 6, 7 and 9. Pin 6 on the AC side = pin 9 on the anybus side, pin 7 on the AC side = pin 8 on the anybus side and pin 9 on the AC side = pin 6 on the anybus side.

Do you have the UBS-to-CAN adapter? That would let you see the traffic and see what the errors are…

You still should use the terminating resistors, but it may work without them, being such a short bus. They are still recommended.

Use a multimeter to confirm you have 2 - 4 volts on the CAN bus too.

Let me know what you find!

You are referencing this pin out for the Anybus, right?


Will do, I’m hoping to get back over there tomorrow. Thanks for the help!