Can you check this set up for me

Can you check this set up for me please.
I am using a 5 port ethernet switch and I am also unsure about my IP addressing.


Are you experiencing an issue?

WHat do you want us to check for?

Hi Colm,

If you want to access the HMI and PLC remote then you will need the LAN in the 10.0.0.x network. You will want the WAN and LAN not going to the same switch and the WAN connection need to be in a different subnet then what you are trying to access.

Thanks for replying guys.
Yeah I am trying to set up remote access to the PLC and HMI.
Any chance you could give me examples of addresses that should work?
Apologies, I have kinda doubled this issue up in another post.
In that post I asked … If I change the IP address of The Cosy131 to 10.0.0.X, should it then work?


Hello Colm,

Any address on the the 10.0.0.x range for the LAN should be able to reach the PLC’s.