CanAnalyser Mini with USB to CAN


Could you tell me the possible reasons for the below.(image)?
I am trying to communicate with USB to CAN v2 using CANanalyser Mini.


I have connected an angle sensor WGX 360 to the USB to CAN v2. I am able to communicate with the device using CANanalyser mini…but I am only getting the Node ID as data.

Is there anything else I need to configure to get the full data?

It looks like something is spamming the bus with data. This is causing the module to see 100% bus load.

This could also be from the baud rate not being set correctly or some other issues on the bus.

Can you try disabling passive mode? This could be causing issues. I would also recommending making sure the baudrate is set to match rather then rely on autobaud.



Thanks for the support :slight_smile: I am now able to get the data correctly.

Hi @Swathyyy ,

What ended up being the solution?


It was just the sensor being in pre -operational mode. it was required to make the sensor to operational mode by sending 01 00 and this solved the issue.

Adding to this, I am working with a different sensor(a rotary encoder actually), but the canAnalyser mini shows that the frames are lost and the CAN led in USB to CAN is in stable yellow state. Could you please tell me the possible reason for this?

where are you seeing that frames are lost? Is the bus load still at 100%? The device might not be getting an opportunity to send data on the bus.


Any update on this issue?

Hello Deryck,

Sorry for the delay in reply, actually the issue is resolved…I made the connection once again and this resolved the issue.

Many thanks for the support :slight_smile: