Cannot choose Connect in eCatcher

Zach, There is another issue I emailed support about I have not heard. The connect option is not selectable on Ecatcher can I get follow up on this.


I have not been able to find this original email so I can create a new topic on this for you. Is it a single device on the account or all devices. what does the log look like on ecatcher. Have you accesses this device before under the same account.

Yes all eWons under our account have the connect option is greyed out. We have about 40 accounts some are offline but 30 online are missing that connect option well its greyed out in ECatcher but works in Talk2M

What is the talk account that is effected. are you able to get any current backups with support files included from one of the devices that is effected.


The account is ovivo. See attached clip of what we can see

Is the eCatcher version your using at 6.4.1? If not please try updating that first.

Make sure you those devices are in the correct pools and that the group you are apart of have permission to connect. If that has not resolved the problem open task manager and choose end task for ecatcher. Wait a few minutes then relaunch eCatcher.