Cannot connect after hard reset

I had my Flexy setup and communicating as intentioned before deciding to perform a second level reset (to make sure I could repeat the set up process).
After the reset, I can no longer communicate with the Flexy at all, including not seeing it inside of eBuddy. In addition, the Flexy’s LAN LED light does not light up when I connect it either directly to my computer or to the network switch.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nicholas,
If you have performed a factory reset. Then after doing so have power cycled the machine and not able to reach Then I would suggest performing a recovery.

If after performing a recovery you are still not able to connect to the device then you will have to reach out to your local support team by creating a ticket at since it my need an RMA.


Unfortunately I cannot connect the device to eBuddy so would not be abe to perform a recovery that way. If I have downloaded the appropriate .ebu file, how is it possible to perform a recovery with an SD card without the ability to connect to the Flexy?


You can try the ebu file for the recovery on the sd card. The SD card will need to be inserted in the device before powering it on.

If that fails a normal recovery will need to be attempted through ebuddy.

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