Cannot connect to Ewon via eCatcher


We have a customer that is currently unable to connect to their Ewon via eCatcher. I know that it is a problem with their settings on the computer because a) I am able to connect to the same unit myself and b) they have the same issue when the laptop is connected to a cellphone hotspot. The weird thing is that they do not receive a specific error code, just “VPN tunnel error:”

I had them download and send me their system logs (attached). Please remove for privacy reasons.

What specifically do they need to do in order to make Ecatcher work? (167.6 KB)

Hi Nick,

From the logs this looks similar to an issue with the tap adapter. Can you verify that the tap adapter v9 exists and is named Talk2m-eCatcer ?



They do have the tap adapter. Not sure if the VMWare Adapter gets in the way?

The VMware adapter shouldn’t be causing issues.

The connection could be getting blocked by a firewall for them. Can you ask them to try connecting though a hotspot?


Per the original message, I already had them try the hotspot and it still did not work.

Can you ask him to reinstall ecatcher and make sure he restarts his pc? I am not sure what would be going on here if there is no firewall blocking it. the logs only show the VPN not being established. Some thing could be corrupt with the install or the tap adapter.

Is the Talk2m service running?

8-26T13:29:21,778 INFO - ConnectionWorkerErrorStatus : VPN tunnel error: - 1
2021-08-26T13:29:22,783 INFO - ConnectionWorkerProgressStatus : Connecting Talk2M: Requesting Talk2M server informations… - 5 %
2021-08-26T13:29:23,809 INFO - Best endPoint choosen: UDP on
2021-08-26T13:29:23,810 WARN - start 1194 “C:\Users\w30svtrn\AppData\Roaming.talk2M\temp\62507614-7ba6-40f8-8e28-7b70e634be48” tap UDP netsh
2021-08-26T13:29:23,814 WARN - OK
2021-08-26T13:29:23,855 INFO - ConnectionWorkerProgressStatus : Connecting Talk2M: Opening VPN tunnel… - 20 %
2021-08-26T13:29:45,980 INFO - logout
2021-08-26T13:29:45,980 WARN - shutdown
2021-08-26T13:29:45,980 ERROR - Start connection worker canceled : null
2021-08-26T13:29:45,981 ERROR - Start connection worker canceled : null
2021-08-26T13:29:45,982 ERROR - Cancel : true
2021-08-26T13:29:46,020 WARN - OK
2021-08-26T13:29:46,023 WARN - shutdown
2021-08-26T13:29:46,024 WARN - OK
2021-08-26T13:29:46,023 WARN - StartConnectionWorker cannot establish vpn tunnel.