Cannot connect to Internet


I am currently on site and I have configured successfully my flexy 205 with internet connection and VPN access.
I was using personal Internet connection, but now I need to use the following configuration:

IP Addresses: or 39

I cannot get the internet wizard to work now, it was previously with my own connection.
Do you know what can be wrong? Do I need any specific port/anything else to be opened?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

PS. this is from the logs:

31912 esync-Internet communication failed esyncitf
25003 IP-Read from server failed esyncitf


Are you setting it statically? or with DHCP?

I would also select initialize configuration, so that the previous WAN settings are cleared from the unit. What is the LAN IP of the unit?

Can you attach a backup with support files of the unit?


Previously I was using my own internet connection using DHCP.
Now I am attached to the site internet, with static configuration.
LAN address:

Backup made with ebuddy?


Yes, please create a backup with support files using ebuddy and attach it to your response.

The errors indicate that the device is not able to read by the server to connect to the internet.

Ok thanks, here it is the file.
I add just a note: I am able to connect to the internet with my PC and those settings, but the flexy is not.


eWON.tar (176 KB)

Can you check the date and time settings on the Flexy?

I see that it’s not able to access the NTP server to get the correct date. From what i see, the date is set to 1970, which causes issues with certificates. For now, i would manually assign the date and time in the system wizard. Once complete, the the connection again.


I have set the date/time manually. However this do not change the result.
I attach a screen of the current situation.

I am on a wan with all static ip addresses, the configuration I showed you in the previous posts is the one allowing me to connect to internet with my pc. However the same configuration on the flexy is not working.
I need to know if there are some ports issues or other things involved in order to ask to open them on the firewall.



The ports that are used for primary communication is UDP (1194) and TCP (443).

Also the device communicates on Layer 3 only. If you have any Layer 2 MAC filtering or communications, it will cause the device to not be able to communicate on that network.

Hi Kevin thanks for the response.
I will ask the IT manager to open those ports on the site for us.

Are those ports checked during Internet connectivity wizard or are them related to VPN connectivity?

The Internet wizard generally just pings our servers and few public ones. If there is no response, then the device fails the internet connection portion.

Ok, so the issue is that I can ping your servers from my pc with the same network configuration but it is not working from the ewon. The configuration is static but I guarantee that internet connectivity from PC is working.

I have no options left, can we arrange a teams call maybe?


You might also want to check the length of the Network cable is as well. If it’s too long, it might be losing packets.

Are you able to do port monitoring on a switch to do a packet capture? We can schedule a team viewer session if you would like. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.


the cable is quite long but is the one working with any other connection.
I am not able to do the monitoring, anyway tomorrow I am available any time for a remote support session.


A summary from our meeting is that the Static IP that you were given was not allowing the device to connect. However the DHCP connection was.

Let me know if anything further occurs.