Cannot set IP-Address with host-application in firmware of ABCC-B40 modbusTCP V1.14.1.0. V1.13.1.0 works normally


i have a problem the firmware-version V1.13.1.0 and V1.14.1.0 of the ABCC-B40 ModbusTCP-Modules.

For an internal project we implemented the ABCC-B40 ModbusTCP-Module in one of our hardwares and for a long time we had no problem with it. But for some testing and development we ordered a new ABCC-B40 from HMS and after I implemented that module in the same type of hardware for testing and development I was wondering why the host-application fails during initialization of some parameters on the module (IP-Address, subnet-mask, etc.).

After I switched the new B40 with an old B40 out of one of our older hardwares, the application starts without any problems. So I checked what the differences are. I found out that the older ones have the firmware V1.13.1.0 and the newer one the V1.14.1.0.

I cannot say that this could not also be a defect on something with the new module-hardware, but I think this is not the error, because the newer module starts normally and can communicate with the host-application. The host-application only cannot set the IP-Address on the B40 as it did before with the older B40. I use the following to do so in the host-application:
Set the following:
Network Configuration Object (04h)
Instance #3 (IP-Address)
Attribut #5
Name: Value
Access: Get/Set
Data Type Array of UINT8
Description: Any change is valid after reset. Valid range: - (Default:

I also try to set the instance #4 and #5 but the application first checks wether the IP-Address in the attribute was set to the desired value by reading back the value in a second step with a get-command. And at this point the application stops running, because the value in the attribute is “0” and not the desired value which was send with an set-command before.

Again: This only happens with the newer B40 (Firmware: V1.14.1.0) the older B40 (Firmware: V1.13.1.0) starts normally.

Can someone help me to solve the problem? What has changed between these versions belonging to this attributes?
Is it possible to get the V1.13.1.0 to flash it manually on the newer B40 to be sure that this is not a hardware-defect?

Best regards

Problem solved.

The DHCP “enabled”-parameter was the reason for blocking the set of IP-address in the abcc. I did not remember this setting in the abcc. We disabled them by the HMS-IP-Config-Tool for the older modules. Because of that this parameter never made any problems with the older ones.

It has nothing to do with the firmware-differences. Sorry for the unnecessary post.