CANopen communication through LabVIEW



My intention is to establish communication between LabVIEW and a servo motor driver(Servoone). This supports CANopen communication. I have bought USB to CAN V2 Compact converter. i have downloaded the necessary drivers(VCI 4 and LabVIEW Addons). But I have following doubts now.

  • Does USB to CAN V2 compact supports CANopen communication or just CAN?
  • If not, What is to be done for stablishing the communication between the motor driver and LabVIEW?


The USB-to-CAN products work with CANOpen because CANOpen is running on a standard CAN bus. You can use the CANAnalyzer mini software (included with the VCIv4 driver) to test the status or activate the connection.


Thank you. Is there any sample IXXAT LabVIEW Code I would get to perform simple read and write operations.? I do not find any such examples in the website.


You should be able to find them in the Labview install directory:

For example:

c:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2015\examples\IXXAT

API Manual here: