CANopen Configuration studio RPDO TPDO Setting

HI I have a question , I use Configuration studio to set Slave TPDO ,CANopen module is correct,and S7-1200 can read the parameters,but I set Slave RPDO,CANopen module is error and S7-1200 can not write the parameters to the CANopen Device. Can you help me?

Hello Eric,

What is the error you receive? Are you sure you can write to the PDO on the slave?


Hello Deryck

I only set TPDO,CANopen module is ok.but I set RPDO,module will error. I don’t know what error.

I can read PDO,but I can not write PDO.


I am not sure what the issue would be here. How do you know the module is in an error state? How are the LED’s on the module flashing?

I am checking with a colleague who is more familiar with this device but he is out of the office until Monday. He might be able to see the problem from the image but I am thinking we will need to know more about the error state it is in.


Hello deryck

CANopen Module is double flash , I am not sure what is the error .


Can you share the complete project to allow us to review it?


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