Can't connect Nettool to AB7800-F Gateaway with ethernet


As the title mentioned i got an AB7800-F Anybus gateway. I want to download my profibus setup to the getaway with an ethernet transport path. Both IP adresses are in the same subnet as i did set the correct IP-adress through ipconfig. Also i did set my ethernet adapter to a IP adress.
Can someone please help me?

Kind regards Rens Klijn

Are you connected via Profibus connector to the configurator port?

Also ensure that you have the Anybus Transport Provider installed.

Also i already installed the software you mentioned.

Dear Kevin,

No i connected by Ethernet as the “How to configure a Profibus network with Nettool for probibus” manual described. I can see the anybus in the Erthernet configuration dialog but can’t download or scan the network. Also the manual describes to change the operation mode to “Stop” by Hyperterminal software. I discovered this is old software and i can do this task with Anybus gateway manager. However when i want to change the operation mode it says i can’t.


What is the error that you get when you try to change the operation mode?

Not possible to set this operation mode in current mode (state is offline)

Anybus configuration manager is connected to the anybus as i already downloaded the setup from the anybus.


I have seen more success with configuring the device via serial cable through the configuration port.

Are you able to connect with a USB-Serial?