Can't connect to web page via ecatcher


I just lately upgraded from ecatcher 6.9.0 to ecatcher 6.10.0 and since then I can’t connect the an ewon’s web page anymore by clicking this button:

or this one from ebuddy:
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This wouldn’t be too much of a problem since I can reach the page via m2web.
Unfortunately, I also can’t connect to the ewon via filezilla anymore.

Do I have to downgrade to ecatcher 6.9.0 or might the problem be a different one?
I already reinstalled ecatcher but the problem seems to persist.

Any idea how to proceed?

Thanks in advance and regards

Are you able to ping the Ewon’s LAN IP or VPN IP when connected via eCatcher?

Do you have another computer available to test connecting from? I’m not aware of any connection issues specific to eCatcher 6.10.0, so I’d like to try an installation on a different computer to see if it’s the eCatcher version or the computer that’s the problem.

What happens when you try to connect to the configuration webpage? Does it give you an error, or just not load?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to ping any of the devices in the LAN.
My colleague just tested it on his laptop and it works there.

I was able to resolve the issue by restarting the windows service “Talk2MVpnService” manually.
I thought this would’ve happened already when reinstalling eCatcher or restarting my computer. But this wasn’t the case.
Unfortunately, I now have to restart the service every now and then if it stops working.

Any idea how this problem occurs?


I was able to solve the issue with the following 2 posts:

Looks like eCatcher version 6.10.0 might have some bugs in it.