Can't find Anybus gateway manuals

I have an AB7832-C and I am looking for the documentation for it. When I go on the website and search for the device the picture on the page does not look the same. Also instead of AB7832-C it says AB7832-F. Where is the documentation for AB7832-C? What is the difference between mine and the AB7832-F?

The -C at the end of your X-gateway designates the hardware revision. In general, X-gateways can be no dash (very old), -B, -C or -F. As you said, -F is what appears on the Anybus web site. -F is the newest hardware revision and it has a different form factor than the older hardware revisions. Functionally it works the same in an application. However, it has configuration software that only some of the older version support and updated hardware parts.
The documentation for the older hardware revision is still available on the website. Please find it at the following link,


It is the download labeled “Anybus X-gateway Classic - All Versions”. This applies for all older X-gateway part numbers.