Can't Go Online with SIEMENS TP1200 Confort Panel HMI


I have reviewed all posts in the past related to connection to Siemens HMI through Flexy 205 and Talk2m VPN unfortunately none of them can solve my case. I’ve been on remote session with SIEMENS and logged tickets with two Ewon distributers - no solution found yet.

Here is the description of the case:
(1) I am able to ping/go online/download to the S7-1200 PLC connected to LAN of Flexy205.
(2) I am able to ping/download to the TP1200 Comfort Panel HMI connected to LAN of Flexy205, but I can’t Go Online from TIA Portal v16.
(3) Both PLC and HMI are added as LAN device of the Ewon gateway on eCatcher. Firewall is currently set to “High”, but I tried both with “High” and “Standard” security levels.
(4) The messaging forward tag “BroadcastForwarder” was set to “1”.

Please find attached Backup with Service files.



I had some experience with this.

Apparently, it is not possible to get online remotely with some models of Siemens’ HMIs.

To remotely control a Siemens HMI, the HMI needs to have Sm@rtOptions/Sm@rtServer enabled.

The Sm@rtServer feature on Siemens’ HMIs is basically just a VNC server, and in this case, yes, it is possible to get online and remotely monitor/control the HMI.