Can't recognize Flexy 205 when FLB 3271 Connected


I’m trying to run a test to connect eWon Flexy 205 WIFI based.

I have eWon Flexy 205 and FLB 3271.
I connected the FLB 3271 to the eWon and the eWon with RJ45 to my computer, but I can’t find the eWon using eBuddy.

I tried to disconnect the FLB 3271 from the eWon, and rebooted the eWon. Then, I do find the eWon using eBuddy.

When I plug the FLB 3271 again, I get the same issue when the eWon is not reachable.

What can cause the problem?



Is the device still booting with the card inserted, USR flashing green? Have you tried reaching the LAN IP in the browser still even if it is now showing up in ebuddy?