Can't see eWon USB through VMWare Player

Good Afternoon,

I can connect to devices through the eWon Cosy 131’s USB port on my host machine. I can connect fine to a CompactLogix via the usb, on the host machine. I can see a usb to serial port on the host machine.

What I can’t see is a way to share the “Rockwell Automation USB CIP Device” or my serial port adapter on VMWare Player 16. They are not registering as removable devices to VMWare.

What I want is:
Old af PLC → serial port → USB to serial cable → USB Port on eWon → through the vpn → my host machine → my VM

I’m stumbling at the last transition. Any suggestions?

You need to have the USB over IP driver on your VM (Eltima USB Network Gate) which should be installed with eCatcher, but you can also download it here.

Additionally, you would need any USB/serial driver used by the PLC software for this to work.

If you can connect to the USB through eCatcher on the host fine, you could also possibly try sharing that USB connection with the VM, but you’d have to refer to the VMWare documentation for more info about that.

So my USB Network Gate gives me a different result in my VM than in my host machine.
I see this when I open USB Netowkr Gate Client inside the VM.

Uninstalled USB Network Gate. Rebooted VM.
Reinstalled. Now I don’t get that error. I think I am resolved but I’ll try tomorrow when client turns machine back on.

OK good. I was going to suggest uninstalling it because the driver you need should be installed with eCatcher. Let me know if you have any other problems.