Can't see HMI's screens on M2Web

May I have some help troubleshooting a T2M M2Web issue?

We have a Red Lion CR3000 HMI behind a Cosy 131. That HMI has a remote web-browser interface and we can view the HMI on our devices remotely through the eCatcher VPN.

However we can’t view the HMI through HMS’ T2M M2Web service.

We’ve checked off the “Visible in M2Web” option in the Cosy’s “Configure LAN Devices & Firewall” settings from eCatcher. I think those settings are correct because the HMI does show up when we login to and the HMI’s main web page opens for us.

The problem is that nothing is shown when we click the HMI’s remote view link.

When we try to view the screen over M2Web the page that fails to load is at this URL. --my account name-- / --name of my eWon --:47159/secure/remote.htm?session=null&info=/assets/json/full-x1-16.json

When we connect through the VPN with eCatcher the page that loads properly is at this URL

I’m far from a web guy so please accept my apologies if any of this detail is not helpful.


Unfortunately, Red Lion PLC’s are not supported by M2Web. They are available to connect through eCatcher though.

We have put several requests in, but we do not have a timeframe on when M2Web will support Red Lion.

Hahaha – wish I’d given up and asked for help hours ago

Oh, well. Now I know. We’ll use eCatcher. Thanks Kevin.