Case 202004-14108 (coming to the news)

Hello Tim,

Have you had a chance to find something that could help me
to complete a functionnal installation of your IXXAT USB/CAN gateway S/N
HW594552 to our Win Xp SP3 Panel PC?

We are getting anxious to have a working solution on

We bought 2 of them ~ 2 months ago as spare parts
inventory for the ones that we have in the field.

They are ensuring the operation of tree harvesting machines equipped with a single grip harvesting head that can fall, delimb and
cut to length around 100 trees per hour.

The manufacturer that I’m taking care of this for is
Rotobec Inc.( and they a have a number of Customers /
Owners of these machines that they don’t want to end up with no avalability
of replacement USB/CAN gateway.

Would it be possible to you to find a way to assist us as
soon as possible ?

Best Regards,

Garanti sans virus.

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