[Case:GS-01874393] D485 Modbus to DeviceNet



Hello Kyle,

This is urgent! I have logged a case on your company support portal on Monday but haven’t received any response so far. Can you please help?

Customer has experienced a problem while importing the D485 .eds file into the DeviceNet configuration tool with error message “the supplied file doesn’t match with the device”. What will be the possible causes and what are the solutions to that? The software is a RSLogix 5 Pro from Rockwell with version 7.10.00 (CPR7)

Attached please find the .eds file that GE makes available on our website.


D485.zip (3.59 KB)




It looks like you may have added the device prior to importing the .eds file and it didn’t match with what you created initially? You should be able to add the .eds and then scan the network and the software should automatically detect the device. Have you tried that?



Thanks. I will let customer try that and get back to you shortly.



Hi Patrick,

I think this may be the same case that I am currently working on with Senaka. He called and we spoke today.

Let me know if that is correct and if you want I can add you to the other ticket.

Thank you,


  • see ticket 22594


Hi Kyle,

I think Seneca may be working on an engineering project which is different from this customer support case. I have provided your suggestion to the customer but with no feedback so far. You can close this case if there is no response from me in a week.




Great - thank you Patrick!