Case GS-02204810 - P485 configuration import/export

Hi Kyle,
I hope you’re well. Is it possible to use/import the configuration file exported from P485 in other device in to your HMS device AB7000?

Thank you!

Hassan BadrTechnical Specialist

I’m not sure. Do you have a configuration file that I can test for you?


See attached. If this works, we can refer all customers to HMS sales.


Hassan BadrTechnical Specialist

p485config.cfg (16 KB)

p485config.cfx (10.7 KB)

Trane Chiller P485 Modbus to Profibus Convertor -24 Parameters.D01 (5 KB)

PQM-PQMII.D01 (28.1 KB) (109 KB)

Hi Hassan,

There were 2 different .cfg files, one was in the zip file, but they both work with the Anybus Configuration Manager software, so they will work with the Anybus Communicator. I’m not sure what the DO1 files are used for. I would recommend downloading the Anybus Configuration Manager software and opening the .cfg file to see if that looks like it contains everything you need.