Cellular Access in Other Countries and compatability with Mint Workbench (ABB)


We have a customer that is looking to use the Cosy (or Flexy if needed) for remote access and troubleshooting. They would only like to use cellular and need verification that HMS has offerings withing their Cosy lineup that will work first and foremost in Australia, but also in Canada, South America, and Chili. Would you be able to elaborate on what our options are?

I would also like to verify that it will work with their Mint WorkBench software to connect to their units and do troubleshooting/programming via ethernet.

Thank you.

Hi @nickTriPhase1,

Yes, we have customers using cellular Ewons in all of those countries, but you would have to verify with your cellular service whether or not they will operate there. For Canada and Chile, you would want to use the standard North America modem, but for Australia, you would want to use the APAC model. For Flexy it’s the FLB3209.

I’m not familiar with Mint WorkBench, but if it’s just using TCP/IP to connect and send data, it should work. Do you have a way to test it?