Cellular Signal improvement

I am using a eWon Flexy 205 with the FLB3203 Verizon Cellular card. This unit is installed in an area that has a week cellular signal. We were using the Panorama B4BE-7-27-5SP and our signal strength was at about 16 in the register. I tried using an antenna with a 9dBI gain and the signal was actually worst. I do not understand why unless for some reason the eWon cellular card won’t work with it correctly. I am not a professional when it comes to cellular signals. I do know that the installer cannot even call out from his phone when he is in the same location as the equipment. Can you help me out?

There’s nothing that we can do about the strength of the cellular signal, and an antenna can only do so much. I would recommend looking into a cellular signal booster. You will want to make sure that it’s compatible with your carrier. Your carrier is probably the best place to ask for a recommendation on the hardware.

I see that the eWon card lists two different frequency bands. 700MHz (B13) and 1700MHz (B4).

Is it possible to select what band you want to use? The lower frequencies tend to work better.



The modem will automatically use the strongest available band. However, you can manually set it by changing the setting ‘GsmBand’ in Setup > System > Storage > Edit COM cfg to the following:


I’m not sure if this setting will work for 4G bands as I don’t see 700 or 1700 listed. Besides, if there was a strong enough signal on either band, the Ewon would automatically use it.