Change Device name on ABS ENT 10/100


Hi Wei,

The configuration file that stores the device name is ethcfg.cfg and can be accessed using FTP, HTTP, Telnet, or directly via the mailbox interface. Please see:

For the Compactcom, have you tried using the GSD Generator Tool here:



Hi Kyle

When I use STEP7 and TIA Portal to get on profinet network.

None of them find this card, so that I can not change Device name. But strange thing is, except I can not find this card, this card is working well, I can control our machine very well via this card.

I just can not find the device name and I can not change device name.

That is the exactly thing happens on customer as well.

Please help.



Hi Kyle

This is the ethcfg.cfg file in my Profinet card.

As you can see, there is no place holder for Device name which is critical for Profinet. I come with default device name : abs-prt

I really need to be able to change this name.

Please advise.



Sorry, Kyle

Pls disregard the previous emails.

It works, nothing wrong the your gsd file which I first doubt about. The reason is , I use virtual machine running step7 and TIA, but to see the Device name, it has to go throught Profinet format packet, which will not pass via NAT.

Once I set to Bridge, it works.

Sorry about all the emails and thank you so much for your support.



Also, I can see it via IP-Config tool. But I just can not see it on Step7 or TIA Portal.



No problem and I wish I could have helped you more, but we are a little behind in tickets this afternoon.

Do you think that not seeing in Step7 or TIA is due to your network configuration not forwarding broadcast packets over bridge?



Exactly. To pass profinet broadcast packet, NAT will not work. Only Bridge works.