Change Network Type on AB6775

I am trying to update firmware for Ethernet/IP 2 ports on AB6775 which is PROFINET IRT.
Can I change network type or reflash the AB6775 with Ethernet/IP Firmware? or is there restrictions that PROFINET IRT only support its compatible network types?

Ethernet/IP and PROFINET IRT devices use completely different chips so no, you cannot flash one to the other.

Thanks for clarification, another question in same pipeline
B40 module is integrated on a development board, and when power is on the LEDs related to HMS module doesn’t lit up. I guess it means the external power supply is delivered to brick module but in schematics it indicates an internal power supply is fed, which I think programmatically can be enabled for hms module.
Can I update firmware on B40 without any power supply to it by just using ethernet wire connected to it with my PC(using firmware manager II)?

B40’s need to be powered on to be updated.