Changing wifi network on a cosy 131


What is the procedure for changing the wifi network connection on a cosy 131 once the connection has been established and is working correctly. We built a system with a cosy 131 and set it up to work with wifi network in out office. It worked fine in our office. We then moved the system to a new location and tried to connect to a new wifi network by just changing the wifi name and password. Clicking on list showed the new wifi network. When we tried to establish the connection, the wizard locked up. At the time i was using an older version of the firmware. Since then i have updated to the latest firmware. When you connect to a new wifi network are there any special steps?


There are no special steps, just run the internet wizard and enter the correct parameters like the first time you set it up. That should work fine, but if you have any issues, try restarting the unit.




Thanks for the help. I tested it this morning and had no problems at all. I think my problem had to do with the older firmware.