Cheshire Controls AB7650


Brian Snyder

11002082.A Anybus Configuration Modbus.hcg (1.85 KB)

11002082.B Anybus Configuration Modbus.hcg (4.02 KB)






Hi Brian,

Just wanted to give you an update on this one. I’m looking into this with some colleagues in Sweden



Have you heard anything from the sweden guys about updating the firmware??? I think they should have this unit in their hands and replace it with another. This should not be such a hard problem!!

I have another problem that I hope you can help me with. I have another AB7650 in Turkey and it has the MS light flashing on the Profinet side. How do you reset that error?? I looked on the webpage of the unit and I see it has an error and the status was 1102. What does that mean??


Brian Snyder



Hi Brian,

Sorry for the delay on this, we were having some trouble getting in touch with our colleague in Sweden. I just sent another message to them to try and get a faster response.

I think that I found the error that you were talking about with the other device



I remembered what it is!!! They did not ‘assign’ a name on the Profinet side!! I think the only way to do this is to go through the SIEMENS software.

Brian Snyder




Thanks Brian! were you able to get it all up and running after that?


Yes. Just got online this morning. I wish there was a way just to download that part but I know you have to assign the name with the Siemens cpu! Silly Germans!

Brian Snyder




Haha glad to hear we could get this working


At least this one is working!! Any word yet about the firmware for the other unit??

I am glad I was not out onsite with this problem!!!

Brian Snyder





Hi Brian,

We’re going to suggest doing an RMA on this device. You can use the ticket number 29457 as a reference



That would be great. I really thought this was going to be a ½ hour job. I have updated about 1000 other systems over the years. I was very surprised with this.

And I want YOU to know I am not blaming you. You have given excellent support. Also to Kyle. (not sure how he got out of this!?!?!? J)

Just let me know.

Brian Snyder