CM CANopen as manager PN/CANlink as slave

Hi I have problem communicating with those two. I can not identify the cause of problem.
For software in TIA I used CANOpen demo TIA V14 sw from your site.
I configured both of the modules according to manual but still no success.

After I import EDS file I get:
Import auto correction applied: removed obsolete PDO communication parameter object.

I put all files and project in link below:

On PN/CANlink as slave I get error code from led light : The NMT state of the PN/CAN LINK is

On CM CANopen I get two red blinks and green LED is on constantly.

Thank you for help in advance.


We are going to need to open a ticket for this with the Central Europe office. You can either open it by yourself by visiting or I can create the case if you want to provide your name, company, and serial number of the HMS device.

Thank you,