CM CANOpen change address

I can not change the address of CM CANOpen module.
see photo.

Hi @Dashnor

What are the LED indicators on the device doing?

Hi Tim
See Photo.

![13|666x500](up load://hxCUn7BOjYUAhILplXXOXZgwRqR.jpeg)
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Hi @Dashnor

I was checking with a colleague in Sweden who has more experience on this but it looks like he’s out of the office for today. But he should be able to take a look at this early Monday morning

Thanks Tim.
The other problem i have with CMCANOpen Module is i can not change address in module with CM CANOpen Configuration Studio.
See picture.


Hi @Dashnor

Here’s what I found out from my colleague:

the CANopen node id of the CM CANopen is not set by the Configuration Studio

the basic configuration of the CM CANopen is done by the device configuration of the CM CANopen in TIA Portal:

Module parameters => node number

  • note that the node number can be changed at any time in TIA Portal

conditions for a successful download of the configuration to the CM CANopen from the Configuration Studio:

  • Module parameters => node number:

must be identical with the CANopen node id of the CM CANopen in the Configuration Studio

  • Module parameters => Operating mode:

must be CANopen Manager

  • the hardware configuration must have been downloaded to the PLC

Hi Tim
I successfully downloaded the CM-CANOpen configuration .
CM-CANOpen Manager Note ID 2 .
Also I downloaded with TIA the CM-CANOpen hardware configuration and there is the same configuration Note ID 2 .
My questions is for what reason if i change Node address CM-CANOpen with TIA and configure the same with CM-CANOpen Configuration Studio the system do not allow me to do that?
The address change is not my big issue . I will use address 2 .
My issue is reading CANOpen image device inputs in Simatic PLC.
Please referee my applications and photos i uploaded.
Regards Dashnor

Hi Tim
Can i call you?

Hi @Dashnor

You can give us a call at 312-893-5636, but we don’t have a lot of experience with these device currently in the U.S. typically with these devices we try and work with some colleagues in Sweden to resolve questions.

He did just send me a response to your question from earlier though:
"All basic configuration is done by the device configuration in TIA Portal:
this method allows a better control of the current (basic) configuration by the customer in TIA Portal:

The Configuration Studio does not allow to change the CANopen node id of the CM CANopen or a slave because:
=> CANopen has specified a lot of CAN identifiers that depend of the CANopen node id of the CANopen device
=> to avoid problems that depend of the configuration of the CAN identifiers
e.g.: CAN identifiers of valid PDOs
=> CAN identifier range of valid PDOs: 180h < CAN identifier < 580h
=> the change of the CANopen node id may cause CAN identifier inconsistencies

Therefore we have decided that the CANopen node id of the CM CANopen cannot be changed when it has been set

Hi Tim
I have spend weeks to setup configurations and no result reading data from CANOpen devices.
I configure the same CANOpen Devices with CODESYS Manager devices and easy exchange data.
We have clients witch required Siemens PLC and for that reason the configuration with our existing CANOpen Network will be very helpful for us.
We need a simple demo Simatic V13 example and CM-Configuration to read input data from a micro can 8i/o digital device.CM-CANOpen Address 2.
I have sent eds files of that devices to you.
Regards Dashnor

Hi Tim
Any news for my request.

Hi @Dashnor,

Sorry about that, I didn’t see the previous message get approved. It doesn’t look like the EDS files went through with the previous message though. Could you try and send it maybe in a zip file?

Hi Tim
Attach is zip file with eds file Simatic V13 application and CM-CANOpen configuration .
regards Dashnor
micoCAN Project.rar (4.3 MB)

HI @Dashnor,

Here’s what I heard back from Christian,

"i have adjusted the TIA project and made a small modification of the Configuration Studio project.
The modifications are described by Adaption.txt

I have also checked:
Object 6005 h : Global interrupt enable digital 8-bit
It is enabled by default (if the EDS is correct)
Object 6006 h : Interrupt mask any change 8-bit
All changes of the digital inputs shall be signalled (if the EDS is correct)

If the customer has still problems:
I can offer a teamviewer session with the customer (note: I am in Germany)

You can also give my direct email to the customer." (6.7 MB)

He added that he needed to add this in a separate email:

"modification of the CANopen Configuration Studio project:

Error Control Configuration: Consumer Time of the CM CANopen

=> the CM CANopen shall consume the heartbeat of the mcan device

The slave must be controlled by heartbeat consuming otherwise Get Node & Network Status cannot report the CANopen NMT state of the device.

I am using this information in the modified TIA project"

I’ll send you a PM with his email address if you’d like to contact him directly

Hi Tim
I loaded the Simatic application and works.
Thank you for your help.
Regards Dashnor

Thanks for the update Dashnor,

Would it be alright for me to close this ticket then?