CM Canopen error Tia Portal v15.1 Invalid Data

Hello i installed libraries and extentions for my tia portal v15.1 and when compiling i got errors [img2] that point to the [img1] i dont know why any help ?

Hi @Jejpi23,

I would recommend creating a support case at and including your TIA Portal and CM CANopen Configuration Studio project files.

I cannot do that the program is company’s secret + i only have problem with Tia portal not with config studio.

That’s OK - it just makes it harder to help you. Send whatever information you can. It will be kept private between HMS and you. Of course, HMS is not interested in your code, just helping to resolve the problem.

The problem was solved.

OK thanks for the update and letting us know the resolution.

Issue was caused by an non-english letter in filepath of the library.