CM CanOpen Error with comunnication

Hello everyone,

I trying to connect the drives (LINEAR ACTUATOR LD1000C) via CM CANopen and S7-1200.
I set up whole hardware config. in TIA according manual ( in TIA hardware everythink looks ok)
Downloaded Configuraction with EDS file recive from manufacture to module using CM CANopen Cofiguration Studio
Problem is module all time showing errors :
LED run : blinking, LED ERR : 1Hz.

RDREC Block showing following status :

CM CANopen config. studio with EDS file:

Do you have a USB-to-CAN device or another way to view the CAN bus traffic?

Is the CAN bus properly terminated with terminating resistors?

Here is a demo program that you can try: CANopen (7.0 MB)

You can also create a support case at for support from your local support team.

CM CANopen Product page


Problem solved not in 100% sure that was the issue, but it works after x times loading and resetting power, maybe will be helpful for somebody

Remove the Factory Default Bit

Great - thanks for letting us know!