CM CanOpen, FB to Use?


i’am using CM CanOpen Module, with S7-1200 connected in CanOpen with 1 Drive Schneider LXM32A.

I’am starting reading Application example Entry ID: 109479771, Entry date: 11/23/2015 available on Siemens web Site.

Using the CM CanOpen Configuration Studio, i have already select the applications Object, create the relative process image and download on CM Module.

PLC node is setted as 127 and Drive as node 2.

Both CPU and CM Module are green, with no error.

Unfortunatly i have no experience with can communication, what i need to do is read continuosly the configured data (then in PDO way?) and here i’m stuck.

On Example available, i see that is available the following FB:


Is that the FB to used to communicate? Can you explain how?

Any help is truly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Case closed by Christian Nentwich