Combination of robot (yaskawa) and lathe (Fanuc) - PROFIBUS


I’m using google translator, if there are any errors I’m sorry.

We want to combine two devices as in the subject, using the profibus link.

  1. The card has been mounted in the robot and lathe.
  2. We connected both devices with a cable (two wires A - B) according to the instructions.
  3. We received a GSD file from a lathe servicer.
  4. We got a GSD file from the yaskawa robot manufacturer.
  5. We have written a network in the ANYBUS NETTOOL program and sent it to the ab3602 card following the RS232 link.
  6. AnyBus Nettool OnLine >> Monitor shows that the lathe is in “DIAG” mode and the frame is blue and should be green.
  7. We can not log in after the RS232 to the ab3602 card using the Hyper Terminal or Putty program (COM: 57600 Bps, 8 data bits, None parity, 1 Stop bit and Non Flow Control)

Screenshots and configuration files can be found in the link below.

Are you able to help us in starting configuration between devices, is the configuration correct and if not where are the errors?

The Fanuc serviceman says that everything is OK on his part and the signals should come out from the lathe (FANUC).

Yaskawa’s servicemen in Poland said they never set up such a connection and we do not have much help from them :frowning:

Configuration files and screenshots:

Paweł Ryniewicz
0048 503 907 877 (CET: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm)

Hi Pawel, is run by the support team over here in the US this issue may be difficult for us to support. You might be able to also request support though our global support tool here >

The ab3602 also comes back as a Motoman custom device. You will mostly likely need to contact them for support.

The advice and questions I would have would be the following. Is the AB3602 the only anybus device? What is the Profibus master device on the network and what is the slave. You will want to program the bus with that device and software, I am not sure Nettool is the right software for your setup.



Thank you for your answer.

In the profibus network there will be only 2 devices, Robot as a master and a lathe as a slave, and nothing more. The distance is just a few meters of the profibus line. And we need help how to configure the entire network in NetTool (or other), are you able to help or identify a person, an institution that can help us, maybe some guides?

Thank you in advance for greetings.

I am not sure you can use Nettool for configuration. You would want to talk the the OEM of the master device, in this case it look like Motoman.

With this card being a embedded card we do know know how the device was integrated and what is needed for setup.



In the earlier e-mail I sent the device configuration in the form of a * .GSD file or are you able to tell if these configuration files are ok, or is there something missing?

You say that the application (program) Anybus NetTool, we use is not valid, even though it is used in the instructions of HMS “NetTool for Profibus” - 2007.08.17 ?


This is not something I can help with you need to contact the OEM that the devices are embedded into.


I have a question, is this your product?
On the packaging from the device is the HSM and IXXAT logo, from the IXXAT site moves me to your forum, that is your product?
I found instructions with your HMS logo on your website and the NetTOOL Application in the document “Configuration of Profibus network witch NetTool for Profibus Application Note Rev. 1.10” from 2007.08.17 and when referring to this document you pan the ball and says that this application does not it’s good to configure this device!
So what application is good?

In your document there is information that you can log in via Rs232 and start configuring the device using the terminal, but I can not log in by. tips from your document, can you help me with this topic or will you direct me to an OEM distributor?
I have configured everything in accordance with YOU instruck and can not log into the menu via RS232.


Hello @PawelR,

From what I understand so far you are using an Anybus device that is embedded into a Robot. The only Article number you provided was ab3602 which is a custom device manufactured by us for Motoman this makes it over all a Motoman device. How to use and configure it is unknown to us and support for the device should be provided by them.

I do not think the documentation you found is for the device you have. We have many products with Profibus in them. I suspect you are looking at a generic document for another device from us.

NetTool is our Profibus Master configuration software. It is used to setup our Profibus Master devices to talk to other Profibus slaves. From what I could determine your Anybus device is a Profibus slave with another device acting as the Master. Typically you would want to use your Profibus Master’s configuration software to setup the Network. I would expect them to be able provide documentation into how to add devices to the bus.