Combining Argos Accounts

When we set up our Netbiter EC350s we created 4 individual accounts for them. Now we have upgraded them to Manage & Analyze, and would like to combine them into one account/project. I don’t see any way to do that in the Argos web page.

Hello @anonzwhgkqab,

We do not have an option to combine accounts.

The only way to get all the devices on 1 account is to remove them from their current accounts and add them into one account.

The process would be to setup the first device in the account and add M&A to the device and activate M&A for the account. Once the account is setup for M&A you would be able to add the remaining Netbiters into the account as inactive. To activate the device you would attach the M&A subscriptions to the Netbiters and then activate them in the account.



When I delete the 3 Netbiters from their accounts, will I lose all the configuration settings (template, visualization, alarms, etc.)?


Yes the device configuration (visualization, Alarms, etc) and subscriptions are tied to the device in that account. Templates are tied to the account but can be exported then imported back into the new account.

When you remove the device from the account the configuration and subscription is not brought with it.


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