Communicating with P-F K-system I/O over Modbus TCP

I have an 5069 CompactLogix application that requires to connect to Pepperl-Fuchs K-System remote I/O. K-System does not support Ethernet I/P but Modbus TCP is available.
There are several remote racks that would be connected over Ethernet
I intended to install an Anybus gateway in each of the panels as these pieces of equipment are part of a modular system. Which gateway would be best suited for this application? Would a linking device be appropriate?
I would like to use Class 1 comms to the gateways but could use Class 3 if needed.

If the Pepperl-Fuchs K-System is a modbus TCP server. The AB9006 or the Linking device HMS-EN2MB-R will work.

I recommend reaching out to you local distributor our our inside sales team for additional details and purchasing info.