Communication AB7672 for Point IO Rockwell 1734

Hello Team Support, using gateway AB7672 for communication DeviceNet Adapter>>>>EtherNet/IP Scanner

I have a problem configuring the Protocol EtherNet/IP, using table Point IO 1734-AENTR bellow

Using configuration bellow for protocol EtherNet/IP

Gateway Status protocol EtherNet/IP

Could you help me?

Link documentation


Are you sure both CO points are the same?


Can you try changing Target -> Originator to 100 and see if anything changes?

Hello Kyle,

Error persist, for test using card 1734-OB2E


Target -> Originator : 101
Originator -> Target : 100
Config 102

For an exclusive connection:

Hello Kyle,

Error persist for using 1734-AENTR.

To test I changed the module 1734AENTR for IoLogik E1212 (MOXA)

Information T>>>O, O>>>T and Config

Eds ioLogik_E1212_EtherNetIP_V1.1.eds (41.9 KB)
Link open Eds

Error persist

Can you contact Allen Bradley to ask them what their Connection Points should be?

Yes, Below answer from Allen Bradley

Card 1734-OB2E

Have you tried? Did this work?