Communication error between 42QSS CARRIER ductable and Intesis modbus interface

I am installing a CARRIER 42QSS ducted air conditioning and I connected the INTESIS interface reference INMBSMID001I000 to the XY port but the diode l1 indicates a communication fault 30 seconds after powering up all the elements . The ductable 42QSS is however compatible with the centralized remote control CMM09. Is there a specificity for this ductable or specific options to configure / add ? Thanking you for your help.

Hello @theshadow18,

You might want to double check the dipswitches are setup for the features on you unit.
See section 4.5 of the user manual for details on the dip switches.
User Manual INMBSMIDxxxI000 (

I didnt see your unit in the compatibility list here: Intesis AC Compatibility Tool you might need to double check that the device is compatible. Perhaps there is a different model number you can use?

Hello, and thank you for your response.
The switches have been set correctly, and the Intesis interface has been successfully tested with a MIDEA MTI - HWFN1-QRD0 ductable. the ductable CARRIER 42QSS integrates the same motherboard as MIDEA (MIDEA manufactures CARRIER).
An important clarification: The Intesis interface communicates sufficiently to power up the 42QSS ductable and send it the correct temperature setpoints, but 30 seconds after the communication is lost without ever returning. Have you ever had a similar problem?

I am hesitant to say it is supported from just using the same motherboard. Are they the same device with just a different label?

If you create a case on this will put you in touch with you local support team who can review this with the Inteses team.

I will do this, Thank you.