Compactcom M40 Ethernet Connection Problem

Hi everyone,
I have bought an ABCC-M40 and I have connected all pins for 8-bit serial communication protocol, but when I power-up and connect my module to PC in order to update module’s firmware, module couldn’t be found on the firmware manager, moreover any led on the ethernet port on the module doesn’t turn on, when tied. What can be the problem? Thanks for your answers and recommendations.

Note: I have setup a Termite on my Windows and tried to communicate with serial com. I saw that the messages I transmit are received by M40, but I cannot do anything by sending message through Termite.

Hi @kursatmobirob,

Do you have the starter kit available as well? Or is it just the CompactCom device? To make sure the device is working, we could try and plug it into the starter kit and then run some of the starter code, then see if the device seems to be responding.