CompactCom M40 GSDML Generator


Hi I have the same problem: Trying to generate GSDML file for our product with M40 module. I’ve put Vendor ID, Device ID etc data, both on module side ( PROFINET IO Object instance1) and in your programming tool. I’ve configured via Ethernet object IP address etc. I can ping the module but this tool still don’t find it. How we are supposed to create own factory GSDML file for this module if it can’t be find in the first place?

Profinet GSD generator tool unable to find module

Hi @Janusz_Szutkowski,

What issues are you having with the GSDML generator? We should be able to help you with this but you may have more luck talking with our Swedish colleagues in your timezone


I created ticket on HMS site.




Hi @Janusz_Szutkowski

Thanks for the update