Comunicating two Flexy using fla3301

We installed a fla3301 serial card and tested communication between a Micrologix 1400 and the Flexy using Modbus RTU works perfectly, it is possible to communicate this Flexy with a second Flexy using an available serial port, then this PLC concentrates data, shares it with a first Flexy through a serial port, and the Flexy sends them to another Flexy through another serial port.

This same scenario using Modbus TCP / IP we already have it working perfectly, now we want to use MODBUS RTU, to take advantage of our Flexy equipment :laughing:
Thanks for the support

The Flexy can act as both a client (master) and server (slave) for Modbus TCP, but only as a master for Modbus RTU so this wouldn’t work.

I would recommend sticking with Modbus TCP for something like this.