Config download into a new EC360

Dear Team,

Hope everything is going well and that you are not affected by the covd-19.

I have set up an application that I need to replicate into other 3 units of EC360. Only the accounts would be different.

How can I save dashboards, profiles, templates, visualization, etc into the 3 other EC360?

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If you are using profiles you can export the profile with a Manage and Analyse account.
The profile will bring over the template, parameters, and dashboard. M&A is only required on the account you need to export the profile on.

If you do not have Manage and Analyse you can still export the Template, but you will need to recreate the rest of the profile on the additional accounts.

For further info on Manage and Analyse you can reach out to your distributor or inside sales. You can find contact info here: